Friday, February 13, 2009

just me ranting again

Monday morning I go back to the OB for my six-week check and hopefully I will get the all-clear to resume normal activities. This, to me, means returning to the gym and I have to say I am a little bit scared. I have had times in the last 15 years or so where I have been what I called "out of shape" but my Today Body laughs at my Then Body when it hears that. I have NEVER been THIS out of shape in my whole life and I really don't know where to begin to get it all back.

I've been reading about things you should and shouldn't do to begin regaining your abdominal muscles. (Abs? Where are you abs? I'm looking for them on the side of milk cartons. I have put out an Amber Alert for my abs because they are gone-er than gone.) Everything says to start slowly with leg lifts and to try to do a sit-up right now is actually going to do more harm than good so I guess that is where I start. I'm thinking about dusting off my Prenatal Pilates DVD and try that out because it actually had some core work in it. (Which is why I promptly stopped playing it 4 months ago and put it back on the bookshelf.)

I have been trying to be more aware of holding in my stomach while I am sitting and walking and I have been walking a lot every day, usually in the morning with Jack in the stroller for 1 1/2 to 2 hours and in the afternoon with Chewy, usually for a much shorter time. I weighed myself at Publix 2 days ago and I have lost another 2 pounds since last week so I am hoping that after an active weekend, I may have less than 15 pounds left to go by the big weigh-in at the doctor. The thing is, I can't lose too much weight too quickly because I am still breast feeding and intend to continue doing so for a few months and losing too much weight and working out too hard can affect supply so I have to be very careful how I do things. At the same time, I know that my agency is expecting me to get back to work before the season is over the end of April or so, and to be honest, I expect myself to also, but maybe I need to lower my expectations a little bit? I gained 50 pounds in 9 months and I probably should not expect to lose it in 2 months or less. But it would be nice.

Anyway, yesterday we went to the dog park and Jack slept and Chewy ran and everyone had some fun.

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