Thursday, September 4, 2008

i'm totally reminding him of this when he is 16 and wants to borrow the car

The last week or so I have been feeling Kumar kick like crazy. Everything I have read says that babies sleep more than they are awake but I don't believe it because it seems like he is kicking all. the. time. All of those grilled cheese sandwiches are starting to pay off too because he is getting strong enough where I can feel and see it from the outside. At night he is the most active, especially around 4 am when I get up to pee for the 30th time of the night and I lay back down and feel the THUMP THUMP THUMP of his little arms and legs against my vital organs.

This is where the blackmail comes in.

His favorite thing to do is to tap-dance on my bladder and/or cervix and for those of you who have never had a little alien inside of you, it is the creepiest and most annoying feeling in the world.

Yesterday I went to get a haircut and I had to go pee three times in the hour I was in the salon because as soon as I would get comfortable in the chair, WHAM! there he goes like Matthew Mcconaughey on the Bongos.

Yes, I am going to be the kind of mother who totally uses this against my kid in 16 years. After all, I am the kind of mom that takes pictures like this:

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