Wednesday, September 3, 2008

22 weeks update

Yesterday I had my latest OB appointment. I saw him look over my chart that I knew included my weight but he did not say anything about it. Towards the end, he asked if I had any questions so I decided to bring it up. He seemed surprised by my question (which was something like, "Uh, I was just wondering if, uh, I uh, should be umm, concerned about ummm the 20 pounds I have put on since April?" ) looked back at my chart, and said he was not at all concerned. He said that because I am on the tall side and was on the light side when I got pregnant, as long as I am eating healthy and not getting all my calcium from ice cream, I should be A-OK.


I have been worried about this for the last couple of weeks because it seems like I have really packed it on since my last visit and I was afraid I was going to get yelled at and told to stop being such a pig. I would like to not gain too much weight because I am just going to have to take it off again come January, but there is nothing I can do about the fact that I am hungry ALL. THE. TIME. I think this kid is just really hungry and I can't really blame him. My book, The Pregnancy Journal, says that he is starting to be able to taste the food I eat and if I was tasting pizza and lemonade and french onion soup (my three favorite things to eat this week, by the way) for the first time, I would be asking for as much as possible as well.

I am trying to make healthy choices and not overdo the sweets and blah blah blah because he gave me something to think about which is that at my next visit (Sept 30) I am getting my blood glucose tolerance test. I have been dreading this for my entire pregnancy. I don't really think I have gestational diabetes but I know that I have had blood sugar issues and I don't want to be even borderline where they make you do the second test which lasts 3 hours and I have heard is pure torture.

Anyway, to update the neighbor situation, the shutters are still closed and all is still quiet. I know it's sick but every time I walk past their door now, I take a deep breath to see if I can smell anything......funny. Sick, I know but I am convinced that something is rotten in Denmark and it's only a matter of time before we find out. Or they both show up in a couple of days and nothing is ever explained. Both disappointing. Sick.

OK, photo update time! I got a haircut today and I am so happy to have it short again. It's still way too hot here to have any kind of hair on my neck. The first picture was taken pre-haircut and the other one, today. So much better.

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