Tuesday, September 2, 2008

dexter next door

Chris and I spent the weekend watching the second season of Dexter on DVD. For those of you who are not familiar with Dexter, it is a series on Showtime, which we do not have (though I have debated getting it just because of this show) so we have to wait for the seasons to come out on DVD which is sort of torturous but so worth the wait. I have not been so hooked on a one-hour series since the Sopranos and I don't know what secret cable channels have but they really know how to put on a show.

We started watching season 2 on Friday night and after waiting 5-6 months for this season to come out on DVD, we kind of got carried away and are already half way through the season. I was sad to notice this morning that we only have 5 episodes left to watch but when it is midnight and an episode ends, we both look at each other and say, "One more and we can go to sleep." because we just have to know what happened..... (Really you should go out and get season one and tell me after 3 episodes if you are not totally hooked.)

Anyway, Dexter is a guy who lives in Miami and works for the fictitious Miami Metro Police Department as a blood spatter expert. The twist is that Dexter uses his inside info. at the MMPD to find out who is suspected of murder but for what ever reason, were able to beat the rap and Dexter takes justice into his own hands and kills them himself. And he doesn't just kill them, he does it in a very careful, methodical way. Somehow, you really find yourself liking Dexter despite this small quirk he has, and that is part of the magic.

Perhaps it was with a few hours of Dexter in my mind that I was coming home from my morning walk with Chewy and saw one of my neighbors who is usually very friendly and normal but was looking a little odd. He had just come out of the stairwell that leads into the garage, and was just sort of looking around with a perplexed look on his face.

Me- "Hi. How're you doing?"

Him-"What's going on?"

Me-" uhhhh... What do you mean?"

Him-(looking at me for the first time) " Well if you don't know I can't tell you."

Me-"What do you mean? What's happening?"

Him-" There was a murder."


Him- " ...in the master bedroom."

Me-(having not had more than a thimble full of caffeine in my body for almost 6 months and being completely shocked and did I mention it was 10AM on a Sunday and I was up late watching Dexter??) "What master bedroom?"

Him-(walking away) "I can't tell you."

I ran up the stairs and as I walked past the elevator, I heard another neighbor who may or may not be the lead troublemaker/steroid abuser/loudmouth in the building say,

"Murder? In this building? No, I don't think so man." and get into the elevator.


I go into the apartment and tell Chris everything that was said and that this guy is really giving me the willies and we decide that either:
1)He is really really messed up on drugs and totally hallucinating
2)Perhaps he stayed up late playing Clue and has gotten really carried away, in which case I should have asked him if he used the candlestick or the rope?
3)He was sleepwalking
or, the most likely to me,
4)He killed his live-in boyfriend and lost his mind a little bit and we are about to be living an episode of CSI Miami very shortly.

As I write this, it is Tuesday morning and have not seen that guy or his boyfriend again and they only live down the hall and I usually see one or the other at least once a day. Also, their hurricane shutters have been closed all weekend, though that is not completely unusual for some people in this building who close their shutters whenever we get a strong gust and there was a hurricane within 500 miles of us this weekend but I will not be convinced there isn't something going on until I see one or both of them again.
Chris wants to see him just so he can ask him why he felt the need to say something like that and scare his pregnant wife but I just want to know that we are not living two doors down from our very own Dexter. How long does it take til we can smell a dead body? Can
I Google that?

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