Friday, September 5, 2008

the mighty mighty ike

We may or may not be taking this show on the road early next week, depending on what Hurricane Ike decides to do. Chris is already calling it Ike Turner and is convinced that Ike is going to be as mean as his name-sake was in the 70's.

Nobody named Ike should be underestimated.

We have already reserved a hotel in Orlando for the whole family (thank God for pet friendly hotels) so if things begin to look bad by Monday morning or so, we can just get into the car and go. If it looks like it may not be so bad or we will not get a direct hit, we will stick it out here at home. I already bought the Official Canned Food and Water of Hurricane Ike and am kind of excited to fire up the
Weather Alert Radio-TV that I bought 2 years ago and put in a closet and never touched since.

The only good thing about these storms going by this week is that it has been really breezy and this morning it was only in the 70's! I came home from my walk this morning and actually turned off the air conditioner and opened the windows and as of 1:00 this afternoon, they are still open. It is so nice to be able to air the house out a little after being shut up in here since May or so. It probably won't last too much longer but for half a day, it's a nice change.

If you will notice at the bottom of this page is Kumar's Countdown and today is the first day of the official 6th month! We have less than 125 days to go and I really cannot believe it! I have been working on our gift registry and all of this is starting to make me believe that there really is going to be a little baby coming to live here with us in...oh...less than 4 months!

Also, for anyone who has tried to call my house this week and not gotten through, we have finally gotten rid of our home phone after months of debating and stalling (on my part). We can be reached on either of our cell phones and if you do not have those numbers just send me an email.
I will post updates on the hurricane situation and what our plans are.

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