Friday, August 8, 2008


I went to the Bigger and Better Genius Jones store in the design district yesterday. The front of the store is full of cute little knickknacks and things for baby, nothing I cannot resist at this point, but then I went into the next room and my head exploded.

15 different type of $900 strollers, 27 types of $500 car seats, and $200 crib sheet sets.(For the record, I think that buying a $200. sheet that is guaranteed to be puked and pooped and peed on (and he's not even in college yet. Ba dum dum) including a comforter and bumper set that most sources say you should not use until the baby is 4months old or something, just seems a bit frivolous to me.)

The strollers, however, got to me and I left with paperwork in hand for the least offensively priced one that really really love. It looks like this:

Besides the awesome color, there are some practical reasons to love this stroller. It is easy to fold down and has hydraulics that make it one-touch to put it back up. There is a groovy car seat that attaches to the base so the first few months, it will be easy to transfer from the car to the stroller. And it looks really cute.

I know I went on and on about $1000. Bugaboos and the like in a past post, and neither Chris nor I are made of money, so I decided to take the brochure and go home and look at craigslist. Those of you not familiar with craigslist need to click the link and find out about it. It's God's greatest invention since the Internet itself. Over the years, we have bought and sold numerous pieces of furniture (and an ill-advised car that was both bought and sold on said list) on here and I have heard how people are practically giving away baby things on there, it's just a matter of timing and luck to find what you want and respond before someone else gets it.
Anyway, I looked on craiglist and found the stroller and carseat both offered for ....Are you ready????..... $150.!! I responded immediately and was called within the hour and, long story (kinda) short, we are going to look at it Monday night and hopefully it will be our very first purchase for Kumar! The only sad thing is it's the black color, not the blue, but really that is more practical I guess and for $150. there really is nothing to complain about.

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