Saturday, April 19, 2008


I've been reading the book Parenting Inc.about the onslaught of products geared towards new parents in order to make your child (sometimes while still in utero) smarter, happier, more content, etc. There are also an awful lot of things one may buy in order to make their life just that much easier. While I am all for making my life easier, I have to draw the line somewhere.

The fact that people buy $200. receptacles in which they put dirty diapers so they don't have to actually take out the garbage once a day - as well as $80. "wipe warmers" so - god forbid- something less than room temperature has to touch little Jr's behind just amazes me. And don't get me started on $1000. strollers.
I know my feelings very possibly will change once I actually have a child, but for now - I would like my child to live the same way I try to. As simply as possible, using as few products as possible because jeez louise isn't there just too much stuff on this planet already?

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