Friday, April 18, 2008

to my future self-

The last few years have been from a dream. While there have been setbacks, (this is LIFE after all) you are so totally blessed and lucky and charmed and any other adjective you can think of for born under a lucky star.

Life may seem a little kerflunky right now but I am here to assure you that life has seemed dark in the past and oh my god if you knew when you were 12 what you know now...blah blah blah. (You're me- you know what I'm trying to say.)
Your husband is the best one could ever hope for. He has made your dreams come true and helped you along every step of the way these past years. Most importantly, he has watched you stumble and pick yourself back up over and over and has never passed judgement, never pointed an accusatory finger, and never placed blame where it didn't belong.
In return, you have been inspired to be a good person, take the high road, and do unto others because he brings these things out in you.

Your past is a happy, rainbow-filled one. So will be the future.
You can accomplish anything.

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