Monday, December 15, 2008

weekend wrap-up

Chris and I got up Saturday morning and rented the smelliest van in history to pick up the baby furniture!

(Chris is wearing sunglasses so you can't see his eyes tearing from the stink.)

My sister Cathy and her husband Jack were in town so they met us for breakfast and to pick up the furniture (luckily they had their own car so they did not have to ride in the stink-mobile.) (Really it smelled like 300 sweaty men had just gotten out of it 4 seconds before we rented it. I almost rode with Cathy and Jack and made Chris drive in it by himself but I am a team player and couldn't do that to him.) (But I wanted to.)

Anyway, we got the boxes out of the van before they melted from the smell and Cathy and Jack made quick work of the crib before Chris even got back from returning the van. Then we all worked on the dresser and it eventually came together.

And they are so gorgeous!On Sunday I washed all of the baby clothes and put them away in his dresser (!!!) It feels so nice to have everything washed and put away neatly. I keep going in there and opening the drawers and looking at all the cute little clothes and thinking that in just a few weeks, he is going to be wearing those clothes and sleeping in the crib.

Sleeping in the crib, that is, once we get a mattress that actually fits in the crib unlike the one we already bought and have to return.

Chewy remains un-excited and generally melancholy about all the goings-on.

Thanks to Cathy and Jack for all their help in putting together the furniture because I have to admit I was pretty worthless in the helping department. I have been having Braxton Hicks contractions since Thursday and once they get going it becomes really hard to do anything besides sit and complain about it. UGH!
It was so nice to see them though and we were really lucky they were here to help because Chris and I would still be trying to put the crib together today if they weren't here. I guess once you have kids, you get lots of practice putting things together so hopefully there is still hope for us.
21 days to go!

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