Wednesday, December 10, 2008

things i love right now

* Winter Chex Mix - Cocoa. Sweet and salty and YUM!

*Pink Grapefruit Juice - this has replaced my lemonade addiction. So refreshing and it makes Kumar DANCE!

* Dresses in December. Because even the new (and gigantic) maternity pants I bought are getting snug.

* The Ped Egg. It really works and it's an adventure to look inside after you are done and see how much skin you sloughed off. Gross but Fun!

*The Chuckit - because Chewy likes nothing more than chasing the ball in the park. And mama is having some problems with the bending over thing right now.

*Slurpees. Because YUM!

*The new Ikea commercials. Is the old lady supposed to be some sort of a ghost? An imaginary friend? Either way, I love her voice and the commercials are so well done, they actually keep me from fast-forwarding through things I Tivo. That says a lot.

*Snickerdoodles. Take the Slurpee comment and quadrupl-y triple it.

*The Daily Show with John Stewart - Because there's nothing like some cynical laughter right before bed.

I know there are many many more I could think of but I am a bit distracted. It seems that Kumar has "dropped" and we have 25 days left til my C-section and I'm hoping he got the memo because I am now obsessed with the thought that I will go into labor early. I see a definite downward slope this week. What do you think?

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