Thursday, December 18, 2008

if you don't like to hear complaining, you may want to exit your browser now

Today we are at the 37 week mark, which means that we are full term! Which means that if I were to have the baby right this minute, the odds are that Kumar would be just fine! And I would not complain about having him Right. This. Minute.

I don't want to turn this into my complaint blog but blah blah no sleep blah blah back hurts blah blah fat face blah blah thighs rubbing together when I walk blah blah feel like my belly weighs 100 pounds blah blah double chin blah blah Braxton Hicks blah blah blah...

All went well at the OB yesterday. No news is good news and all that. I only gained two pounds since last week and I swear it is all in my face.

I'm tired and want to eat cookies but will eat an apple instead. At least for now.


Has anyone seen my cheek bones?

Has anyone seen Chewy's ball?

Can anyone see where I am hiding the basketball? (compare this pic to last week)

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