Monday, October 20, 2008

where would you rather be?

Today I went to see a potential pediatrician for Kumar. I made the appointment super early (7:45) so that Chris could come with me before work but of course, that did not work out because this is the day he starts JURY DUTY!!
*Cue: creepy music and thunder clap over the courthouse*

Since Chris was going to be trapped in the most horrible criminal courthouse ever made, I didn't have the heart to make him feel bad about missing the visit because having to spend the day (or possibly multiple days) there is punishment enough. I know how horrible this place is because I had to go there 3 years ago, about a week before we left to get married and luckily the judge took mercy upon me and let me go after the first day when I told him that I was going to St Lucia to be married in a matter of days. His exact words were, "Get out of here and go get married." He was a nice judge and I have not gotten called back again *knockonwood*....

Anyway, the pediatrician took his time and answered all my questions about vaccines and cord blood banking and other stuff on my list and I had a nice little tour of the place and it seemed like they have a good set up. They have a lab on the premises and a bunch of other locations in the area that have doctors on call after hours and weekends so there are really no complaints. I have an appointment with another pediatrician next week after I get back from my trip that has a much smaller office and then we will make a decision. Since I really have no problems with this first place and they were both recommended by my OB, it makes me comfortable to make a decision after only seeing the two.

Considering we are going to be spending a lot of time in the pediatritian's office the first year of Kumar's life, this is a good place to do it. The second place will definitely not be able to beat the view from the exam rooms:

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