Friday, October 17, 2008

accentuate the positive

Looking back, I see that I have done a bit of complaining the last couple of (months) weeks, so today I decided to list the things I love about being pregnant:
1) While waiting on line for the bathroom, twice now a nice lady has looked at my belly at let me go in front of her.
2) Seeing Chris's face when he feels the baby kick. Bonus points for the look he had right after Kumar kicked him in the face.
3) Sitting quietly and feeling the kicks and thumps that are my son's way of telling me he's doing great. Or he's hungry. I still can't get that down.
4) Wondering who he is going to look like, if he's going to be a good sleeper, eater, pooper. Is he going to be as handsome as his daddy and have his sense of humor?
5) I can eat cookies or ice cream (or both) every night and I don't feel guilty about it. Because the baby loves the stuff and I cannot possible deprive him of something he loves. Until he's 16 and wants the car keys.
6) Knowing that at all hours of the day or night, Kumar is safe and secure in a warm place and getting everything he needs. These months are the last time I will ever feel this way and then the REAL worrying begins.
7) Seeing little boys running around and knowing that I am going to have one of those very soon.
8) Looking at the little onesies and things and thinking how cool it will be to dress him up.
9) Planning our first trip to the new Yankee Stadium with our son!
10) Wondering just how big this belly is going to get before this is all over. My body has become some kind of mad-scientist's experiment and I kinda like it. As long as I don't get stretch marks.

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