Wednesday, October 8, 2008

wednesday ramblings

If you will take a look at the bottom of this page, you will see that Kumar's Countdown has changed once again! (Go ahead, look. I'll wait here...)We are at 91 days and counting and have moved over to the (I hope you're sitting down) SEVENTH MONTH! I will give you a moment to collect yourself. I can hardly believe it myself.

Honestly, I am beginning to feel like a bit of a slacker because I really haven't done anything to prepare for this baby that is coming to live here in 3 months. (my exact due date is January 8th, 3 months from this very day OMG!) Sure, I have researched for hours on end the best stroller, car seat, bouncy seat, swing, breast pads, cloth diapers, diaper bag, diaper pail, (I'm just gonna insert an etc. here) but have yet to buy hardly anything except a cute little onesie that I found at baby Gap one day and couldn't resist. So, yeah, my baby has a onesie, and it may even be size 3-6 months so he will be able to wear it for a while but I think I may need a couple more things for him. My mom has been frantically knitting away almost since the day we told her about the baby so he has more sweaters and blankets than a Miami baby can ever hope for (thanks mom!) but things like a crib and a bathtub and things to wash him with and diapers to put on his cute little chubby butt (that I can not wait to squeeeeeze in 3 months OMG) they still need to be purchased and the room that he will one day be his needs to be cleaned out and painted and filled with baby things.... (*deep breaths*)
Still, that little voice in my head keeps telling me that there is plenty of time for all this and a newborn only needs a bassinet and diapers and his mama and he'll be OK for the first few months. It's true right? I have plenty of time right? Because most of the time I listen to that little voice but right now I am feeling a little ill-prepared, what with being faced with that seventh(!!!) baby all lit up at the bottom of my page.
OK, rant over.

On the Chewy front, he was as pathetic as could be all day yesterday, sleeping only on the floor instead of jumping on his favorite bed, chair or couch, and whenever I went anywhere near him, he would run away into another room for fear I would touch him. It was really tough to see and I kept calling Chris in near tears to tell him that I could not take it anymore he is like a dog who has been hit by a car and drags himself into the bushes to lick his wounds OMG what can I do to make him better?

Today, he is showing improvement. We walked about half the distance we normally do in the morning and about 10 minutes ago, he brought me a ball to play with. PROGRESS! Unfortunately, the Dr. said no playing for a week, so I had to just ignore the ball and the pathetic crying at the ball that followed but the crying for the ball is a gazillion times better than the pathetic crying in pain he was doing yesterday so I will take it. Hopefully it is just a strained muscle and he will be back to his old self soon enough. Because on top of the usual pregnancy hormone-induced sensitivity, I can only take the pathetic-ness only so long. I may have to lay down on the floor (as if I could) and cry right next to him.

UPDATE! Chewy is on the bed! Whoo Hoo!

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