Tuesday, August 12, 2008

a love story

Once Upon a Time there was a boy and a girl. The boy thought the girl was the most beautiful girl in all the land, and the girl thought the boy was the handsomest boy she had ever seen. Over many years, the boy and the girl would meet and talk to each other and the more they talked, the more they knew that they felt things for each other that they had never felt before, and they would try to spend even more time together, talking and laughing and falling in love.

The boy and the girl were never able to tell each other how they really felt though, because The Evil People of the world were working together to keep them apart, and The Evil People succeeded in keeping them apart for many many years.

Until one day, when the girl drank a magic potion that made her very brave, and she decided to tell the boy how she really felt about him. The girl kissed the boy, and in that instant, the magic potion was magically zoomed into the boy's body and he became very brave as well, and they both made a promise that they would fight together from that day on, against The Evil People, and anyone else who tried to keep them apart.

The Evil People, however, found out that the boy and the girl were fighting to be together, and The Evil People did not like that very much at all, so The Evil People fought and fought to keep the boy and the girl apart. What The Evil People did not know, though, was that the boy and the girl were very much in love and the kind of love that the boy and the girl had was very special and very powerful, more powerful than any Evil that the Evil People could come up with, and the boy and the girl always found a way to be together.

After many years of war, the evil people were finally defeated, and those who survived the war crawled back into their Evil People caves, and were never heard from again, and the boy and the girl knew that they had won, and they could be happy together forever now.

The boy and the girl stole away to the magical island of St. Lucia, and where they were wed by a magical man who blessed them and told them that they would never have to fight against The Evil People again, and that they would have a lifetime of happiness and love and laughter together forever and ever, amen.

That was three years ago today, and the boy and the girl are still very much in love and they are well on their way, living their lifetime of happiness and laughter and love, and they know that even if The Evil People ever rear their ugly heads again, the power of their love has grown so strong that they will always defeat any Evil ever invented.

Happy anniversary to my love! The handsomest boy I have ever seen!

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