Friday, October 9, 2009

and we're back!

Sorry for no posts all week but my computer started acting up over the weekend and I eventually had to have it looked at and it had a virus. (That makes three of us in house who had the evil virus now)

I could use my phone to check email and go online but I wasn't able to post pictures on the blog and what good are updates without pictures, right??

This was a really big week for all of us. Last Friday, Jack had a playdate/lunch with a little friend.

Then on Sunday, that same friend of Jack's had her first birthday party.

On Wednesday, I did my first job in almost a year. It was a quick 3-hour job so it was a nice way to go back without having to be away from Jack for very long and Chris was able to come home from work early to be with him so we didn't even have to get a sitter. Yay! It was nice to be back around other grownups doing grown up things but what was even weirder was that the job was for Babies R Us so it was me and a bunch of little boys that were not mine.

It was just long enough to really miss Jack and we were both happy when I got home before bathtime!

To be continuted on Monday.
Happy Weekend!

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