Monday, October 12, 2009

good times

This weekend, Jack went to the playground and went on the swings for the first time!

He wasn't sure if he liked them or not so we will give him a few more tries to figure it out.

And since it's still 95 degrees here every day, after the playground, we went to the pool to cool off

Last week, Jack went on his first 2 castings.
The first one was actually for me and he just came along for the ride but they insisted on taking pictures of the two of us for future jobs. The second was for a French catalogue that was looking for 9-month old babies. The problem is that Jack is still on the small side so he isn't he size of most 9-month old babies so I am going into all of this with the idea that it would be great for him to work if he can but I am not expecting him to really do very much until he at least puts on a few more pounds (poor kid)

He is so happy around people though, and he really charmed everyone he saw. It must be exhausting to be so charming though, because he totally passed out on the way home.

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