Friday, October 2, 2009

9 months

Dear Jack,

Today you are 9 months old!

Despite being sick a good portion of this month, you still had a lot of fun. Honestly, you were the best patient I have ever seen and made me look bad when I got sick myself because I did not want to Move! and Play! and Laugh! despite my sickness. You, my sweet boy, did not let a little fever and virus slow you down. You looked at the germs and said, "OK germs, you can have me, but first you have to catch me!" and then you took off crawling and never looked back.

This month you also got teeth! A lot of teeth! You have 5 now and, as always, I am convinced you are about to get another one. Let me tell you one thing about teeth, Jack. Teeth are meant to be used while eating only. One day you will bite into an apple with these teeth, or tear into a steak, but they are not meant to be used as a weapon. I know that they are like new toys for you and you just want to test them out, but it HURTS! when you bite me with them. A lot. Especially when you bite my collar bone or my neck. (It is too early for Halloween, so stop trying to be a vampire.)

This month you perfected the art of crawling. You can get anywhere you want to and you want to get everywhere! There is nothing in this house that is safe anymore, including poor Chewy. You two definitely are working out some sort of an agreement though, mostly involving Chewy staying on higher ground (the couch, chair or bed) and you doing your best to not bother him while he is in one of those places. The other day though, I went into my bedroom and saw you standing at the bed and reaching as far as your little arm would stretch to get to him, and Chewy slowly inching his way away from your fingertips. It is not always you pursuing him anymore though and sometimes he will walk up to wherever you are playing and start licking your head and you laugh and laugh. I laugh too because your head is so tiny and his mouth is so big, it looks like he could swallow you whole if he wasn't such a sweet dog. It's nice to see you guys working things out and I can't wait to see you two grow together and be great pals as only a boy and his doggie can be.

This month you have also started eating real food. It started one day when you just did not want to eat any baby food I was offering and I was eating my own lunch at the time so I tried giving you bites of what I was eating and you loved it! We have since shared bits and pieces of many meals, including a burger and fries and and whole lot of baked eggplant one day that I now regret because, Oh my goodness, the diapers following the eggplant were....beyond words but you loved it and I love you and I don't mind changing yucky diapers if it makes you happy.

Now, one last thing I want to talk to you about is your sleeping. Baby boy, you were starting to be such a good sleeper but the last week or so, you have decided once again that sleep is not for you. Unless you are completely and totally exhausted, you refuse to go to sleep. I don't know if it was a little early birthday celebration but yesterday morning you were in your crib for 3 hours without sleeping. 3 HOURS! I was sure you would eventually fall asleep out of sheer boredom but no, you are more stubborn than that, and held out the full 3 hours until I finally went in and got you and we spent the rest of the day celebrating the amazing willpower of the Incredible (New! and Improved! Now with crawling and standing features!) No-Napping Baby! As your Papa said, we have to take our hats off to your pure spunk. You are definitely not afraid to do things your own way.

Your Mama

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jspuches said...

Hi Jack,

Happy nine month old birthday!!! I cannot believe you have five teeth, you're crawling all over, you're eating grown up food, you are living in the fridge from time to time, and you're sitting on the potty!!!! What a lot to accomplish in such a short time in this world. You are an amazing unique baby and I love you very much.XOXOXOXO Grandma

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