Saturday, May 2, 2009

4 months

Dear Jack,
Today you are 4 months old!
This month you have changed so quickly I can hardly believe it.

You finally started holding yourself up on your arms when I put you on your belly. You still don't like it very much though, and just a few days ago, you figured out a new way to get out of it and just rolled yourself onto your back. Now you do it within seconds of being put face down.

You are so happy most of the time and you laugh hysterically when I blow zerberts on your belly and we spend a lot of time each day doing that. There really is not a lot that DOESN'T make you laugh and no sound in the whole world makes me happier than that of your laughter.

We got you a jumperoo and the first time I put you in it, you looked so tiny and your little feet just dangled instead of touching the ground so I put some books under your feet and you were ready to go. It took a couple of days for you to get the hang of it but now you stand in it and stare at the birdie over your head and make what we call your "jumperoo face" and leap in the air trying to grab him. You are growing so fast that I am sure you will be able to catch him in no time.

The other day you were laying on your activity mat and I was walking in and out of the room and when I walked in again, you had scooted yourself on your back so far in reverse that your head was on the tile floor and you were not happy about it! I know it is only a matter of time before you are crawling and I just want you to slow down a little bit with the growing. Once you are mobile you will not want to lay in my lap and cuddle with your mama as much but I hope that you will always look at me with the look of love in your eyes that you do now.

Your Mama


jspuches said...




P.S. I haven't seen you since last
Tuesday and I do believe you've grown since then! You cannot get any cuter, tho.....impossible!

CB said...

Happy 4 months Jack!!!!!! Could you be any cuter? And when are you coming to California? xoxooxoxooxooxooxo

Christopher said...

good lookin kid

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