Tuesday, April 28, 2009

zzzzzzz news

For the first time in about a month (or is it longer?? I lost all track of time...) I put Jack down at his usual time (7-7:30) and he got up at 10:30 and then slept from 11 PM until 5 AM! And then he ate and slept again until 7! Yay!

We are hoping this is the beginning of a new phase and not a one-time thing because I will cry if he is up every couple of hours again tonight. I actually feel almost rested today!

On top of the great night's sleep, he took 3 (THREE!) naps today. Not long ones but longer than the usual 5 minutes and 2 were in the crib so I feel like we may be turning a corner here.

Or not.....Stay tuned!

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