Monday, April 27, 2009

a bit of a setback

Well, we overcame the broken USB plug and the loss of the camera cord but this one.... is going to be tougher.

This weekend, Chris turned on his computer and he got the always frightening BLUE SCREEN. Followed by a black screen. And now....nothing. Besides the fact that we have had to share my computer for 2 days (and neither of us really likes to share) I no longer have any way of uploading pictures and videos.

We are going to try to get his computer looked at this week but he may need a new hard drive (I know less than nothing about this computer-thingamajigs so I don't even know what is involved, I am just repeating what I was told) and hopefully it won't take too long but what I am trying to say in the longest way possible is that there will be no new pictures for a few days. Luckily I took one or two these last months that I have not shared yet so here you go:

Here's Jack praying for the speedy recovery of the hard drive.

1 comment:

howie said...

HI Chris
The balloon can be taken back to the place where you bought it and they will re-inflate it, could be some cost but the balloon is the expensive part.
video is downloading at my house.
will play it for mom.
love you all
dad ans mom, pop-pop and gram

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