Tuesday, March 10, 2009

jack is smiling because he has no idea...

We have a bit of a situation here at home. I brought Chewy to the vet today for his annual check up and.....he's got fleas.

None of us have seen any sign of them in the house but the vet saw them right away so I have been crazily vacuuming and laundering and this morning, an exterminator is coming that kills fleas in a non-toxic (and non-baby-sickening) way and then we have pills from the vet that will kill the ones that are on Chewy so hopefully soon we will live in a bug-free zone again.
In the meantime, I will be here, itching and muttering to myself about what a bad dog-parent I am to Chewy and how we should have paid better attention to him the last couple of months instead of treating him like a second-class citizen since Jack was born. Ugh!

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