Wednesday, March 11, 2009

where i try to see the silver lining

I have mentioned before how much Chewy loves the vet. He is the only dog I have ever heard of who drags his owner into the office and is so excited to see the vet and get whatever treatments done, only because he knows that afterwards, he will get treats. There is no dog more treat-driven than Chewy.

I give you Exhibit A:
Chewy waiting for the "cookie people" (as he like to call them) to come in.
And from another angle:

They took blood, gave him 2 shots and sprayed some crazy stuff up his nose and he took it all without even flinching. He was like an elephant being hit by a mosquito. He is always focused on the end result - COOKIES!

He seems to be feeling so much better now and I'm sure he is relieved to not have to be a host to a legion of fleas anymore and we had a little talk on the way home from the vet and I promised him that I would be much more attentive to his needs and give him his medicine every month like clockwork and pay attention the minute he starts scratching again and he promised to forgive me, as long as I give him lots of cookies.


Even though I had to do 1 million loads of laundry yesterday, Jack decided to go on a nap-strike and slept maybe a total of 3 minutes the entire day. Even with Jenny here, he was tough to take and by the time 6:00 came around, we decided to give him a bath and get him into bed as early as possible. He usually calms down once he's in the bath and is able to enjoy it for a little while, but not yesterday. He did stop screaming, but this is the closest he got to "relaxing":

I call this, "Mr Angry takes a soak"

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