Wednesday, January 28, 2009

no sharps, just smiles

Today Jack and I are going on our first solo outing. We both have a Dr appointment (such an exciting life I lead now) so we will see how it goes. Luckily, my OB and his pediatrician are in the same building so they are just an elevator ride away from each other.
I have been looking into an alternative vaccination schedule and I think I found something that I can be happy with. I am going to talk to Jack's Dr. about it today and hopefully he will be on board with it so Jack will not be getting any immunizations until he is 4 months old, including the Hepatitis B shot that I would not let them give him in the hospital.
I don't have the time to really get into it right now but babies these days are getting a shocking amount of immunizations before they are 2 years old, many more than were given even 10 years ago but almost double the amount when I was a kid. Many well respected doctors have written about this and there are many alternative schedules available that will still allow him to get all of them before he starts school but allows us to space them out so we can tell which ones he may have side effects from and allow his poor little body to recover from having all these foreign substances put into it.


Enough about all this seriousness, let's have a smile:

Jack decided yesterday he does indeed like his swing after trying it and hating it a few times. He fell asleep in it for over a half hour both yesterday and today and that makes Jack's mama smile too!
Happy Wednesday!

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