Tuesday, January 6, 2009

home at last

I don't know how long I am going to have to type and download right now so let's get straight to the pictures. I will say that Jack is the sweetest, most behaved baby on the planet. He went right back down to sleep after every feeding last night and ate like a prizefighter every time. He is obviously in training for something very important.
I am so in love, I can hardly stand it. I can just sit and stare at him forever and if I wasn't so sleep deprived I would probably never take my eyes off of him.

We go to the pediatrician in the morning to get his weight and things checked out so I will update about that tomorrow. Also, I'm sure, a million more pictures.
Speaking of, here is our coming home from the hospital yesterday. He loves the car and just layed there alert the whole (10 minute) ride home:

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aunt nancy said...

He is adorable!!! Can't wait to hold him!!! He looks a little worried in the one picture, no politics in front of him yet!

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