Wednesday, January 7, 2009

look who's 5 days old today!

At the crack of dawn, we all set out for the pediatrician.

Jack was given the once-over twice and passed all tests with flying colors.
He measured 20 inches this morning so unless he grew an inch in less than a week and he will be 4 feet tall in a month, his measurement at birth was slightly off.
Either way, he is slightly taller than average, slightly thinner than average and has a smaller head than average. Who likes being average anyway? And there are worse things in life than being a little tall and thin and I have had a pea-sized head all my life and did OK so overall we are very happy.

He enjoyed his first outing since the trip home from the hospital and slept the whole car ride again. He didn't enjoy the exam quite as much though, as you will see:

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aunt nancy said...

Who was pinching that baby!! Stop it right now!!

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