Sunday, January 4, 2009

happy days

We are all doing well and hoping to go home tomorrow (Monday). So far, all checks with the pediatrician have been wonderful. He has only lost a couple of ounces and I'm sure he will make those up quickly because he eats like a champ, hardly giving his mama a break but I love every minute of it. 
He has the sweetest disposition and after most feedings we sit and look at each other and chat. OK, I chat and he listens but he's a great listener and I can just tell he's really taking it all in and I've only caught him rolling his eyes a couple of times. (KIDS!) 

I will follow up sometime this week with the story of his birth and the exciting 2 days leading up to it. Thanks to everyone who sent their good wishes. We feel so blessed and lucky to have all of you caring about us, even if it's from far away. And Jack can't wait to meet you all! 

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C said...

We are giddy over these pics! He's BEAUTIFUL!!! Look at your family! Chris, you look like a natural! And Christina, you look content, content, content. ;) The Chewy pic is darling. Was Jack smiling in his sleep? MUCH love to all 4 of you. xoxooxxo

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