Wednesday, December 24, 2008

lightening and tightening

I know all I seem to do now is complain about my huge belly, thighs and F. F. S. (Fat Face Syndrome) but it's not like I am really knocking myself out to do anything about it. Sure, I make sure I get my fiber and healthy foods in every day but the main culprit in my weight gain is things like this:

(These are white-chocolate covered brownie snowmen that my sister Beth sent to us - extremely Yummiliscious!!)
(Christmas cookies, using my Grandmother's Sugar Cookie recipe. YUM!)

At this point, I am going to eat what I want, as long as I eat the good stuff too, and enjoy it while I can because once this baby is here,(12 days and counting!!) I am back to eating like a human again.

Really I am.
Stop laughing.

And Merry Christmas!!!

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