Wednesday, October 15, 2008


First, I would like to start off by saying, I apologize for the whiney post of yesterday. Could I possibly be a bigger baby?
Last night I went to bed with my usual 4 pillows, plus an additonal 4-foot long body pillow (AKA The Barrier) and wedged myself in for a long sleep. And it actually kind of worked. I slept pretty well with minimal pain until almost 8. It was very nice and I guess I will see my husband in bed again sometime early next year when I can sleep like a normal person.

Today, I called and made appointments to meet two pediatricians in the area, one is in the same building as my OB, only 10 minutes away and the other is just over the causeway and is the Dr that my OB sends his kids to. I've been thinking how crazy it is that you have to plan so far ahead for these things but then I realized that OMG! my due date is 12 weeks from tomorrow. That is really not so far away after all.
So, the moral of this story is, 12 weeks is either an eternity or a blink of the eye, depending on whether you are trying to sleep or trying to actually be prepared for this baby.

Chewy has no opinion about this baby. And he kinda likes all the pillows on the bed. Something tells me I should do laundry today.Not sure why though.

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