Monday, September 29, 2008


Tomorrow, Kumar's countdown will be in the double digits! DOUBLE DIGITS Y"ALL!!(Yes, the excitement causes me to get all Southern and Shout-y but I am totally excited!)

It is unbelievable that we have come down to a matter of 100 days and I have to admit that when this all started out, the pessimist that lives deep down inside of me never really believed that we would get this far. I would skip ahead in the pregnancy books and read about being 20 or 30 weeks pregnant and thought that surely something horrible and tragic would happen before I could ever get to the point and surely I could never be so lucky as to have all of this really culminate in having a real live baby of my own.

Yes, that pessimist who lives deep inside of me is a real dark soul. Luckily, I don't let her out very much and have managed to keep her quiet for the most part and here we are at 100 days and it's all double digits from here! Until we get into the single digits which I still cannot imagine but I guess when that time comes, I will be just as shocked by my past pessimism as I am right now because looks what we did! We have 100 days left and we are actually viable at this point. That's right! Not that I would like to test this out but babies have been known to live who are born at this point and that to me in just incredible because he weighs less than 2 pounds and will look so much cuter 100 days from now so thanks but no thanks! I told Chris months ago that I made a deal with Kumar that he is not allowed out until he reaches 10 pounds. I figured that, knowing how kids are, I would say 10 pounds and if he manages to do 6-7, I would be happy. Little did I know that he is an incredible overachiever and has been eating enough the last couple of months that we just might get closer to 10 pounds than I imagined and I am now afraid of what I started.

Tomorrow I go for my OB checkup and glucose tolerance test so I have cut off all sweets this weekend (if you don't count that ice cream I had on Saturday but honestly, it was Weight Watchers ice cream AND it was mint chocolate chip and the mint is really kind of medicinal so it was kind of not really like having ice cream at all.) and am planning on getting up extra early in the morning to make a high protein breakfast with no sugar and no carbs to eat right before I go and hopefully it will turn out just fine.
Then I will come home and make the brownies I have been dreaming about all weekend. And maybe some more Rice Krispie treats.

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