Tuesday, September 30, 2008


As is usually the case, the glucose tolerance test his morning was so much less horrible than I thought it would be. I gulped down the thick, sweet, medicin-ey liquid, saw my Dr, heard the 'Mar's heartbeat (145 BPM and strong!) and then wandered around the hospital grounds for another 40 minutes until it was time to get the blood drawn. I did not feel sick at all and from what I hear that is a good sign that you are tolerating things well and should pass. We shall see. In celebration, I have a pumpkin pie in the oven and hopefully it will not be my final dessert for the next 3 months.

While I was in with the Dr, I asked him if I was supposed to get anymore ultrasounds at this point and he said they usually do not but if I wanted to "take a peek" he could sneak me into the room and take a look. DO I WANT TO TAKE A PEEK?????!!! Of course nobody in their right mind is going to turn that down and we were about to go do it and.....he got called to deliver a baby. (UGH!) He told me to go talk to the receptionist and see when they were going to be not so busy in the next couple of days so I am going tomorrow at 1:00 to see our boy! And, I can finally put to rest the worry I have had the last little while that maybe the tech was wrong all those weeks ago and our boy is really our girl. As long as he cooperates and shows the goods without too much stress. I am planning on eating right before I go and even having a nice tall glass of lemonade because he always jumps around a few minutes after the lemony-sweet goodness hits the old bloodstream... I know what my baby likes!

Update tomorrow and hopefully pictures!!!

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