Wednesday, October 1, 2008

snakes and snails and puppy dog tails

I just got back from the doctor and it went really well. First, I found out that I passed the glucose tolerance test with flying colors (passing is anything below 130 and I got 89!) so that was a huge relief. In celebration, I came home and ate another piece of pumpkin pie. There is nothing better in the world than pumpkin pie.

As promised, I got the ultrasound and I don't know where this came from, but Kumar is a shy little guy. It took some real cajoling to get him to give up the goods, and the situation was not helped by the fact that he is breech so his legs are all squished up in the smallest part of my pelvis but eventually the doctor saw something and froze it and showed it to me.

I see now why they don't do many ultrasounds at this point because it really is not easy to see everything because he is big and squished up in there so you can really only see him in segments. First the head (the back of his head, thanks for your cooperation, Kumar) the "thorax" (in my experience, the thorax is something on a bug. I have never heard of the human torso being called the thorax but that is what the Dr said and i found it really amusing) then the lower parts but, besides the squished-up legs, his back was turned and he refused to turn around so we were only able to see the "beans" from behind. The doctor said that he definitely is a boy though and from what I saw, I am willing to agree with him. Yippee!!!

It was so nice to see him and I was secretly kind of happy that it took so long because I got to see him for a good 10 minutes and I kept thinking this may well be the last time I see him before he is born. Unless I can get Chris to agree to getting the 3D ultrasound but he thinks it is "creepy" and we should just "leave him alone in there".


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