Thursday, June 19, 2008


There is an on-going problem in this country and I think it's about time I address it. I believe this issue runs deeper than anyone is willing to talk about but I have never been afraid to tell the truth and this truth needs to be told.

It seems the makers of electronics in this country are too busy making the world's thinnest and lightest TV and have forgotten about something so simple, so basic, so gosh-darn American, it's a crime. It's impossible to find a well-priced toaster that actually does what it's name itself says it will do. To toast. To heat and crisp-up our bread, muffins, bagels, even my frozen waffle that I am so excited about lately.

I know I am not the only person having this problem, having spoken to many (OK 3) other people about this, and we all have the same problem. Either the bread/muffin/bagel comes out browned on one side and barely warm on the other, or it takes 2-3 push-downs in order to come up with an acceptable level of toasty-ness. Or, you bring home your gorgeous new shiny toaster and all is well for days or weeks or even months until the morning you realize you have pushed this piece of barely-tanned bread down 3 times and it's just not willing to go any darker.

Why is this? Compared to many other household appliances, one would think the toaster would be the most basic; the appliance that has the least asked of it. Some appliances can pre-wash, cook an entire meal while it's owner is at work, even vacuum your house while you take a bath (a-la the Jetsons). So how hard is it to make toast??? Apparently, more than we can even imagine.

But there is hope. I have found a website that feels our pain and tests and rates toasters in all price ranges. It can be found here.

You might think this solves my problem and I can stop complaining already PLEASE! But alas, no. For some reason this website completely ignores toaster-ovens and this is something I cannot live without. I don't have a microwave and have learned to adapt and even enjoy that only by using a toaster-oven to heat things one might normally use a microwave for. Therefore, it's a deal-breaker and I need to continue my quest.

I really hope this helps someone though, because don't we all deserve a little slice of warm, buttery, well-toasted goodness?


tjarmstrong said...

Let Amazon be your friend. I find myself checking their consumer reviews quite often when choosing a epicurean warming device.

bukirama said...

Noted. I hope it helps because the sorry state of my present toaster is about enough to push me over the edge.

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