Tuesday, June 17, 2008

uh-oh! spaghetti-o's!

Today I had one of my weekly headaches I've been having the last month or so. This one started early though, about 10AM, so after having my second breakfast, I did the only thing that can help one of these headaches, which is to take a (pregnancy-approved) Tylenol and go lay down in a dark room.
Around noon, a summer thunderstorm started and the combination of the darkness and the rain lulled me into a lovely nap

I woke up starving a couple of hours later (as I am almost every time I wake up) and all I could think of was the ravioli in the freezer and the leftover sauce that I made the other day. All I could think of. I had already boiled the water and put the sauce on to simmer and when I opened the freezer door, I was slapped in the face with the cold, hard,frozen reality: There was no more ravioli! Not a one!

Instead, I had to choose between rotini or mastaccioli or some other -oli that was not preceded by Ravi- and all of the inequities of the world were at one time thrust upon me and - I hate to admit - I cried. Not hysterically, but tears were shed. Over the loss of the dream of ravioli for lunch.

Don't mock me. I will beat you with a bag of frozen ravioli. As soon as I stock up again.

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