Tuesday, May 27, 2008

if i can maaaake it there....

So I am headed off to the big city tomorrow and while I am really excited to see old friends again and make some money, I am a wee bit scared of the general digestive troubles I have been having for oh-about 100 years now. (OK- it's been 2-3 weeks but I wish I could remember a morning that I woke up without feeling like I spent the night drinking tequila (nausea) and licking cats' butts (pregnancy causes your nose to stuff up quite often so I am forced to mouth-breathe in my sleep, also I am always thirsty because I now consume about 99% of the World's stores of salt every day.)

Every morning, I wake up and
Step 1-reach over and grab one of the two glasses of water I keep next to the bed, then the bag of crackers next to that, and shove some of those crackers down my throat, trying not to gag too much and wait. Next, once the crackers have soaked in a little, I go to
Step 2-eat some cereal. Then more crackers.

Then, and only then, can I get dressed and walk the dog.
Walking the dog actually makes me feel a little better most days, which is a good thing, but not when I-really-don't-FEEEEEL-like-walking-the-dog-why-can't-Chris-just-do-it-ok-i'll-go-and-shut-up-now.

Therefore, I am going to have to get up at least 30 minutes earlier than usual just to be able to fell well enough to get up and take a shower. Hopefully, the days will be semi-easy, with a couple of breaks throughout in order to take power naps, and really the biggest concern I have is for my stomach. It is not small.

**Yes- I am aware that at 8 weeks, this is in no way baby-bumpage, but it is what it is and yes, I *am* sucking it in, thankyouverymuch...
Fingers crossed, there won't be a lot of swimsuits this time around.


tjarmstrong said...

Have a good trip!!! are you coming to see us?

bukirama said...

Unfortunately, I will be working every single day I am here except for Sunday, on which day I plan to sleep and then sleep and then eat and then sleep and then, well you get the point.
I would love to see you guys though and I wish now I had the forethought to make my ticket for a couple of extra days and then come see all you guys in NJ but I did not. I am big dumb stupid head.

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