Saturday, May 24, 2008

jenny's day!

Chewy and his Guuurls! , originally uploaded by buki-rama.

Back in March, my niece Jennifer and her best friend Britney came to visit over their final Spring Break before going into the real world. The first few days they were here, it was unseasonable cold and windy for March, but they nonetheless woke up early every day and went to the beach like it was their job.
(Which, when you are in your early 20's and on Senior Year Spring Break, I guess it kind of is.)

Besides the beach, we all went to a Marlins / Yankees Spring Training game and it was nice just having the girls here to make blueberry martinis with and make dinner for and hang out with. Chewy loved them so much that every morning when I got up, he would rush out of my room and to their bedroom door and wait there until they opened the door so he could jump all over them. They morning they left, they very quietly snuck out before we woke up and once we opened the door, he want racing into the room and jumped on the bed and sniffed around, frantically trying to find his girls. I think he still hasn't gotten over it.

Today, Jenny is graduating from Elon University and I hate that I cannot be there because I know how much it meant to me to have family here on my graduation, but with the holiday weekend and all, it just wasn't possible.
So, I decided to say it here-


Love and Kisses and all the best-
Chris, Christina and Chewy

PS- Chewy misses his girls and requests a visit soon. You're welcome anytime.

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