Wednesday, May 28, 2008

city living

So - here I am in NY. The Big Apple. The City that Never Sleeps. (OK I'll stop now)

The weather is quite pleasant - if a little on the cool side. I took a nice long walk from my agency (27 St between 6&7 Aves) to the Whole Foods Market (7 Ave & 24 St) all the way back to where I'm staying, at 43rd & 10th, with stops along the way to pick up various food items and to get me through the next week. It's strange because the things I just though of as "life" when I was living here just seem like such a huge pain in the behind and I especially can't imagine doing this with a kid or 2. Just going shopping with a stroller and diaper bag and grocery bags and a screaming kid is so much more difficult in the city and more power to those moms that do it every day but I don't want to be her.
One cool thing I saw today is that Whole Foods has a free service where they will take you and your groceries home by pedi-cab. If you live in Chelsea, that's a pretty good deal because I remember dreading carrying groceries home from the store and having to always be careful of how much you buy at once so it wouldn't be too heavy to carry.
Good times...

Anyway, I am feeling pretty good today, if a little tired, and I think this week might be OK after all. I plan on bringing a TON of food with me tomorrow to supplement the (usually) amazing lunch this client provides and as long as I get enough sleep every night, I think I'll be OK.
We will see.

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