Friday, May 9, 2008

hold me

Let me begin by saying my brain has just not been working the last few days. Possibly due to only having extremely small amounts of caffeine and possibly for other reasons (which I will not go into right now)

Let's just leave it at- the brain, she is mush.

That said, I would like to explore the on-going gas problem we in the United States are experiencing right now. Now, I have rented cars and driven in Europe a few times, so I am well aware that gas is MUCH more expensive there than it is here. It seems we are trying to catch up with them though.
I do believe that there is a silver lining in gas prices being so high, in that perhaps it will give some people incentive to buy smaller, more efficient cars. This is not a quick answer though, and it will take some people more time than others to get on the bandwagon and out of their ridiculous Hummers, Land Rovers, Escalades, etc.

However, when we start to see things like I've been seeing in Miami-it's just plain scary. These two pictures were taken at the same gas station near my house about a week apart.

Holy Wow - whoever doesn't belive gas will be $200. a barrell by August, please tell me why. I'm scared.

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