Thursday, May 8, 2008

before i go

**I got this idea from Maggie Mason of Mighty Girl, who I read daily and love (in an I-only-know-her-from-the-internet-kinda way.)

Things to do before I go: (a work in progress)

-Give birth
-See the Egyptian pyramids at night while riding a camel
-Attend a Yankee World Series Game
-Visit Antarctica
-Visit Easter Island
-Visit Moscow and Chernobyl
-Live in a house on a lake and near a mountain
-Sit in a room with all my closest living relatives (and not because it's a funeral)
-Drive a race car on a track
-Have a spa weekend with my sisters
-Go on African safari
-Have dinner with Dominick Dunne and Vincent Bugliosi
-Help build houses for Habitat for Humanity
-Work on a Presidential campaign in some capacity
-Become fluent in a foreign language
Go back to school and get a masters in sociology
-Drive coast to coast in the US
-Take a boat through the fjords of Norway
-Watch Barack Obama be sworn in as president
-Live on a Caribbean island
-Visit Rwanda
-Learn to knit
-Learn to sew more than a button 
-Visit the Grand Canyon, Joshua Tree, Mt. Rushmore, the Badlands
-Learn more about the Skull and Bones
-When I do have to go, I want to be holding Chris's hand

I think everyone should have a list like this. It's something we can keep adding to and checking off of our whole lives.
Does anyone else want to share their list?
Please comment or send me an e-mail 
Do Share!!


elventryst said...

I love your list of things to do. I made one myself when I was a senior in high school and the only thing I can remember from it ('cause who knows what happened to it) was that I wanted to write a screenplay for Elizabeth Gaskell's _Wives and Daughters_. The BBC beat me to it a few years later, and happily, they've done such a wonderful job, that my own humble effort is not needed.

I do want to learn how to play harp.
And write a novel (I even came up with a name last night when I was dreaming).

BTW, I love your blog. I'm impressed by how well you keep up with it and I hope to stay tuned in. Can a post a link to your blog from my own (once I learn how to do these things)? Also, I use this thing called "Google Analytics"-- which is another great Google service that tracks visitors to your website. It's pretty depressing for me, since I don't get many visits, but I still enjoy looking at all the statistics they compile for you. I think your blog will do quite well-- it's entertaining, just like yourself. Anyway, I recommend the analytics program-- just google it. XX

bukirama said...

Hey there Elise! I thought you had disappeared off the face of the earth! Glad you like the blog. It is tough to keep up with but I really like the outlet. You absolutely can link me from your blog and I'll do the same. (also once I figure out how to)
I signed up for sitemeter and I love it. The basic service is also free and it is so interesting finding out who has been looking.

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