Monday, April 5, 2010

15 months

Dear Jack,
This week you turned 15 months old.
You are learning things so quickly now, sometimes it makes my head spin! You can tell me where your nose, mouth, ear and hair is, you make animal sounds when we look through your picture books and the duck, cow and dog are your favorite.
You love to ride in your stroller now, something I never thought I would see, as a matter of fact all I have to do is mention going for a walk and you run to it, climb in and start buckling yourself up. I have therefore had to refrain from mentioning an outing until I am ready to leave immediately because you do not enjoy waiting so much.

We went to see Dr Lirman this past weekend and he said you are still on the thin side but you are of average height and you have a pea-head like your mama. I think I can live with all of those things.

The weather has finally started to warm up here in Miami and we have started going to the beach. You love the beach. You will play in the sand til the cows come home and you have absolutely no fear of the waves or the record-breaking cold water.(which some might not believe is really cold but it really really is a shock to a kid born and raised in the deep south)

You have a best friend now. His name is Trace but you call him Ace and we all think it's great that you have already given him a nickname. He's a few months younger than you but you have a great time when you're together and you are teaching him everything you know. It's so sweet to see you two together because you genuinely like each other and you always gravitate to each other when when you're with other kids.

You have really grown into quite a little man these last few months and it's so nice to have a little window into your brain sometimes because I can ask you questions and you answer me with a "Yes" or you will repeat the thing you want when I give you choices. After over a year of having to guess at everything you want, this is a refreshing development as I know it is for you too because it is opening a whole new chapter for us being able to communicate and share things and really learn about each other. I know you have as much to teach me as I do you and I can't wait to keep learning and sharing my life with you.


Your Mama

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