Friday, June 19, 2009

oh boy

Chewy still has at least 2 weeks left until the stiches are taken out and (hopefully) the cone can come off. I'm beginning to think that the cone is making him act crazy, though I know it's a combination of that and not gettting enough exercise. Whatever the reason, every walk this week has been an exercise in patience for Chris and me because he is just nutty. He leaps at dogs, that we are used to, but he is started to just randomly jump at people on the street and at every single thing he sees on the street. (food wrapper, coconut, palm frond, whatever) so we have decided that once he is healed, Chewy will be going to obedience school.
He needs it, we all need it, and it will make us all happier. BEcause I always want Chewy to be this happy.

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