Thursday, April 16, 2009

oh no!

So, I thought I had it bad when my USB plug was broken and oh boo hoo I have to use Chris's computer to download pictures.

Well, yesterday I went to look at a house (my little hobby on the side because it's not like we can ever find a place we like, yet we keep looking) and brought my camera to take pictures. I have not seen my camera since and I spoke to the owner of the house and he said he didn't see it there and I'm waiting for him to call me again this morning and I'm hoping I didn't put it down in the driveway when I went to put Jack back in the car and..I don't know. So, I have no new pictures to share and I may have to go buy a new camera this weekend if it's not found because I will go through withdrawals and I can't stand the thought of not having it at Jack's checkup on Saturday so, we will see what happens. I leave you with a picture from a couple of days ago. Jack is finally getting the hang of the whole Tummy Time thing. Yay!

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