Sunday, April 19, 2009

happy boy!

Jack's happy bath from christina porter on Vimeo.

I finally found my camera (it was hiding deep deep inside the diaper bag) then I could not find the USB cord the whole weekend. Finally last night, I discovered it under a couch cushion (something tells me maybe I should try cleaning the house a little...) so I was finally able to download pictures and this awesome video.

I hope to begin posting daily again. I know people miss the little guy.

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jspuches said...

One of my first graders had to catch up on some work so while he was in the classroom he heard me play the video. He made me play it 10 times until his nanny came to take him home.
(Actually, I was fine with that.) It is so adorable!!!

Sooooo happy you found the camera!!!!!

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