Sunday, February 8, 2009

how was your friday?

First, I need to wish my sister Nancy a Very Happy Birthday a few days late. Friday was such a chaotic day that I was unable to even call her, let alone write a birthday post, so I'm afraid too little too late will have to do.
Some days I write a couple of posts and just schedule them to be posted at certain times so that I can get things done when I have the time because when there are days like Friday, Jack is my boss, I just work for him.

Jack has decided to be the Guest Poster for today. I just say Yessir!

7:41 AM Watching Mommy eat breakfast

9:15 AM This is my MADFACE. I do it really well.

10:40 AM In the elevator, going for a walk with Mommy

11:53 AM Watching Mommy do laundry. She has lint on her shoulder but I won't tell her

1:15 PM (The blanket we are playing on is the blanket Aunt Nancy made for me. It is awesome Happy Birthday Aunt Nancy!!)

2:45 PM Eating Lunch

3:07 PM Going for a walk with my doggy Chewy

3:39 PM Diaper change

4:10 PM Mommy thinks I might actually fall asleep here. I won't though.
6:05 PM - Bath Time!

6:40 Back in the Sling

9:20 Daddy's finally home. Now I can sleep!

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