Friday, January 23, 2009

time keeps on ticking

Since Jack is 3 weeks old today, I put together some pictures from weeks 1-2-3.
a comic strip!
Because I spend every minute of every day with him, I notice so many little things that are different about him already. Like how his ears are already almost double their original size, or how when I hold him across my body to feed him, his feet are already beginning to go around my side because he is so tall. And his feet that were so wrinkled up and tiny now look like real feet with chubby little toes that I want to sprinkle with cinnamon and gobble up.

Some days I can swear I feel the difference in his weight, and the way he eats sometimes(like today: All. The. Time.) I swear he puts on multiple ounces an hour.

Sometimes I just want to fold him up and put him in my pocket and keep him this size forever and sometimes I think about how nice it will be when he really smiles at me for the first time, or says Mommy and Daddy and crawls and walks and Runs. His first Little League game, first date, first Prom.

But for now, he's just this long-legged little eating machine who poops and cries and smiles in his sleep. And I love him so much it makes my heart hurt and my eyes tear.

Happy 3 Week Birthday Little Man! Don't grow up too fast!

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