Thursday, January 1, 2009


I hope that everyone had a great New Years Eve and you are all taking it easy today and relaxing.
Chris had planned on making us a great dinner and I must say he had the best intentions but when it came down to it, between the grill almost exploding, the potatoes taking over 2 hours to bake, the steaks being possibly spoiled but definitely inedible (and the grocery store already closed to buy new ones) and the avocados being black on the inside, it was one heck of a last meal of the year. We eventually had a vegetarian meal of baked potatoes (with all the fixin's) asparagus and tomatoes. It turned out better than it sounds. Really, it did.
Then we toasted in the New Year with some fresh-out-of-the-oven brownies and watched the fireworks over downtown Miami.
So I managed to stay up past midnight but once I tried to go to sleep I was kept up most of the night with some decently bad contractions. They are still coming this morning, about every 15 minutes and really crampy but I think they are still just false labor. I'm going to take it as easy as possible today but I really want to go to lunch and maybe a movie because honestly, when are we going to be able to just go do that again, since we have (OMG!) 4 days left before the baby comes, and the way I have been feeling the last 12 hours or so, possibly less.
It's not too late for a New Years Day Baby.
Please to enjoy, some pictures of the festivities:

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