Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Even though he had to work, we made the best of Chris's birthday. Below are some pictures from both our breakfast and dinner we had together.


Today I promised myself I would rest a lot more than I have been, but there is just so much left to be done before Monday.
I hand washed all the rest of the baby's clothes that I could not put in the machine, especially the knit clothes that my mother made and the beautiful hand embroidered gown she made for my oldest sister to come home from the hospital some 50-something years ago and Kumar will wear home from the hospital as well.

All of it is now spread out on the dining room table drying.
I am seriously going into cute overload with all the tiny baby clothes I have been washing and folding and fondling the last few weeks. We also got a TON of clothes yesterday from our good friend (Hi Cyia!) and I cannot wait to dress him up in all of this stuff. *sigh*
We are planning on having a very quiet night here at home and I will do my best to at least stay awake until midnight.
We wish you all a wonderful and safe New Year and nothing but happiness and rainbows in the coming year!

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