Tuesday, December 2, 2008

gobble gobble

So this Thanksgiving, I did some of this:

I worked for a German catalogue and let's just say that it seems the Germans have not gotten the memo that pregnant women kind of like to wear cute clothes even though they are big as houses. (as you can see from my awesome get-up above)
The job was probably one of the worst jobs I have had in years, for many reasons that I will not get into here, but it was only because of Carmen (the girl in the picture with me) that I was able to tolerate the two days and was actually able to laugh about things instead of losing my mind. She is due January 5th so we are planning on seeing each other again at the hospital that week.

After I was finished working on Friday, Chris and his mom and Chewy all came to pick me up at the beach and we were able to spend some time together before Chris's mom left on Saturday afternoon.

I never got a picture of all of us together and no pictures of Thanksgiving dinner. It was a weird holiday and I just couldn't help but think that next Thanksgiving we were going to have our son there at the table with us and it would be a very different day.

Also, Chris looked at me on Saturday morning and said, "It's official. You are huge." And compared to how I looked 6 months ago, I have to agree with him.

May 27th - December 2

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