Wednesday, December 3, 2008

33 days!

Soooo.... What are you doing on 01.05.09?

I guess I will be....Oh I don't know.... HAVING A BABY!

For many reasons, the doctor and I have decided together that it is best that I have a c-section and when I saw him last week, he said we really need to pick a date. After recovering from the shock (What? Now? A concrete date? You mean this baby is really not just going to live inside my belly forever?) I said.....OK. Then I freaked out and called my parents.

We are still working on the exact logistics of when assorted Grandparents are coming and when Chris starts taking time off work and for how long and who will be able to stay with me for those first few weeks of recovery etc. but we are so excited and I can say that I personally am READY READY READY for this kid to be OUT! Besides the aches and pains and general discomfort I am feeling almost constantly now, as well as the non- stop peeeeeeeing and the Braxton Hicks (OK, I will just stop now) (But I could go on....) (But I won't) (Really, I'm done) every day now I go into the baby's closet and look at the little tiny clothes and diapers and blankets and think about how he is going to look and how much I do not want to wait 30-something days to see him.

Luckily, we were able to order the furniture this weekend and it should all arrive in 2 weeks at the latest (hopefully) and we picked up some newborn-sized jammies and t-shirts and other basics so I feel a little more prepared and I have revised my list of things left to buy so I think we can handle a month plus left to prepare. But then he presses his little foot up against my belly and I can actually feel that it is a foot and I just want to sprinkle it with salt and roll it in breadcrumbs and *nom nom nom* eat it up!
But I still have to wait 33 days.

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