Thursday, October 23, 2008

the good the bad and the frustrating

This past Sunday, I (finally) did my first maternity job! It was for a British catalogue called Mothercare and the client and crew were very British and nice and we shot on this beach:

The weather was really nice, not too hot with a nice breeze which, as the day went on got to be more of a serious wind and by the time we finished for the day, I was exhausted but not as much as I thought I would be after spending a 9 hour day on my feet while 7 months pregnant, so I guess I am not in as bad shape as I had feared.

I am still trying not to let myself go completely, walking Chewy 30-40 minutes a day and swimming 2-3 times a week, doing (at least part of) my yoga DVD every day and lately I have been stretching before bed because I think it helps with the back and hip soreness. I did finally admit defeat and freeze my gym membership today because I haven't darkened their doorway in at least a month (OK, maybe 2 months) and I just can't see myself getting on the elliptical machine again until this kid is on the outside because it is exhausting just thinking about it.

I have been reading about how pregnant women should get a flu shot and had planned on getting one before I get on a plane this weekend because for some reason I always equate flying with getting sick. My OB told me that they do not do them there and I should call my regular doctor but when I called them, they told me that they do not give flu shots to pregnant women so THEN I went to a drug-store chain that offers them but they would not do it without a note from my doctor so after all of that, I began wondering why it is so hard for a pregnant girl to get this stupid shot and decided to come home and google the situation.


Now I am more confused than ever because there are so many conflicting opinions about this and I'm thinking that I may just not get it right now and talk to my OB about it again when I see him the day after I return from my trip. It feels like I am doing the wrong thing no matter what I do because these websites are either all:

"You will give your baby autism and/or schizophrenia if you get the flu shot while pregnant"


"You will damage your baby's brain if you get the flu and run a high fever while pregnant"

so I can't decide which is a worse fate for this poor little guy.... Autism, schizophrenia, or just straight up brain damage. Such a hard decision for a mom to make that I don't want to just jump into a decision. Is there any place I can sign up for none of the above? Please??

I think I need to have a brownie (or 4) and think on it. Brownies have almost no side effects except enormous thighs and, well, I can totally live with that right now.

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